What motivates us?

The word cancer and the smell of hospitals filled me with fear so I carefully avoided them for 20 years.

– Caroline Leek

My Dad died of cancer after a very short illness. As a twelve year old I didn’t know about grief, or how to feel or behave – I just copied adults around me. They seemed to stop talking about Dad so I did too. But the problem is you can’t out run grief, it catches up with you in the end.

I set up Fruit Fly Collective to help families talk about cancer, death and grief, and to support children by giving them coping tools and knowledge that they are not alone.

Our Aim

To provide evidence-based practical solutions to problems that primarily surround the communication and understanding of cancer using engaging and creative practices.

Listening to children, adults and families talk about the positive impact our products and services have had on them, during the most difficult periods of their lives, is an incredible reward and fuels our drive to provide a wider support network for families affected by cancer.

We want to change the cancer conversation to include children, especially those who are directly affected by cancer in their families and communities, and help them understand and create their own ways of coping.

Core team

Health and Advisory Team

Our advisory team is made up of experts in the fields of healthcare (nurses, oncology consultants, psychologists, palliative care nurses), social care and family therapy, science and science communication, policy, academic research and education.

Collaborators and Partnerships

Collaboration is a key part of how Fruit Fly Collective operates. We are proud to have multiple partnerships with many organisations including NHS Trusts and hospices across the UK, national and local cancer charities, and arts and health groups.

Funders and donators

Without their support we could not do the work we are doing: