Young People

Most of the resources found in older children section will be good for this age group, and sometimes young people and adults find it easier to listen, watch, and read resources designed for young children. It is easier to digest without big words getting in the way.


My parent has cancer and it really sucks by Marc Silver and Maya Silver

Written from both the perspectives of a young person and their father who has cancer. Linked with website
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Information on the science of cancer using creative animations from Ted Ed.

How do cancer cells behave differently from health ones?

How does cancer spread through the body? Ted Ed

Why is it so hard to cure cancer?


Dealing with your parent’s cancer

A great guide covering all topics written by Canteen, Australian organisation for young people affected by cancer

When your parent has cancer: A guide for teens

Another great guide aimed at teenagers who have a parent with cancer written by National Cancer Institute in America.

A guide for young people looking after someone with cancer

Information and support for young people caring for someone with cancer written by young people who have had similar experiences. Published by Macmillan Cancer Support.


Rip Rap

Offers support and advice for 12-16 year olds who have a parent with cancer. Includes real-life stories, discussion forums, information and tips.
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Offers support and advice for 12-16 year olds who have a parent with cancer.
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Carer’s Trust

Support and guidance if you are a young carer
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Young Minds

Supporting children and young people’s wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Offers also a helpline for parents.
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Youth Access

An advice and counselling network to support young people
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When your parent has cancer

Shine Cancer charity have a series of podcasts. Within the list is one that focuses on when a parent has cancer.
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