Young Children


A kid’s guide to cancer

An excellent free app that covers many aspects about cancer in an age appropriate way.
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A Boy named Finn

Someone in my family has cancer: A video for kids and parents

Talking to kids about cancer series:

This series aims to help talking to children about cancer and help them cope. Rethink breast cancer:

The Discovery

Operation Rescue

The Black Dot Returns

H.E.L.P. Squad

Transmission Feelings

Meet Jake, Charlie and Lily

A series of animations created by Brain Tumour Charity to help children understand a brain tumour diagnosis. There is one specifically for when mum has a tumour. The animations cover scans, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy that can be useful and relevant for any cancer type.
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Paul and The Dragon

This 25 minute story was created to help children understand the world of childhood cancer but in it there are some themes that might help children affected by cancer in the family. Created by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


The Huge Bag of Worries

by Virginia Ironside
Not specific to cancer but shows how it is good to share worries.


Activity booklets helping children understand cancer

These four booklets written by Bupa Healthcare are great educating children about cancer and getting them to understand the changes that might occur in their home life.

1. What does it all mean?
2. Visiting hospital
3. Life at home
4. Activity Book

Mummy’s Lump

by Gillian Forrest & Sarah Garson for Breast Cancer Care
Widely used book. Simple story about a mum diagnosed with breast cancer.

Arthur: When someone you know has cancer: Activity book for Livestrong Charity.

A story about the new cook at school who has cancer. Lots of discussion points and helpful resources in starting those discussions.

Lucy and the Good Soldiers

for Anthony Nolan charity
A lovely illustrated story about a Dad with leukaemia waiting for stem cell transplant.

Kelsey and the Yellow Kite for Myeloma UK charity

A beautiful story about a Dad being treated for myeloma, having a bone marrow transplant and feeling afraid.


Giant Microbes

This company sells fluffy soft body cells, cancer cells, and organs that can help children understand the science behind cancer.

Little C Club Flash Cards

Great set of cards to help open up difficult conversations, and to promote open and honest communication within families affected by cancer.