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“Understanding Marginalised Cancer Experiences from BME Communities” UNS89250: Supporting Material

Project_Supporting BME families affected by cancer

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Below is a visual representation of children’s perceptions and misconceptions about cancer by Emma Swinhoe. The data was collected during our project ‘When Cells Misbehave’ that aimed to teach children about cancer.


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Supporting Families Affected by Cancer

Hi, we’re in the process of building a page to tell you about the exciting research we are conducting at Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust.

In the meantime….

We’re looking for young people aged between 12-17 years old, who would like to share their stories about coping when a parent has cancer.

Stories will be shared in a podcast for an audience of young people who have just been told their parent has cancer.  We hope that by sharing stories about feelings, ways of coping or struggles and worries, young people in this situation will feel supported and not alone.


Stories can be recorded or written down to read out. They can be completely anonymous too.

The podcast will be available to listen to for free by early summer 2018.

If you can help please email Caroline at caroline@fruitflycollective.com