Unheard Cancer Voices Project

Creating visual stories using voices from unheard communities

Fruit Fly Collective and Macmillan have teamed up to collect voices from people who are living with cancer and are from minority communities or unheard groups.

We are seeking out these unheard diverse voices to translate into visual art for a Tate Modern exhibition and a series of magazines to share with others who are undergoing similar experiences with cancer.

If you have experienced living with cancer and would like your voice heard, please fill in the questionnaire (link below) or email us at caroline@fruitflycollective.com



Translating collected experiences and stories into artistic pieces can remove cultural, language or educational barriers to enable experiences to be shared and understood.

Examples of artwork created by Emma Swinhoe. They represent Chemobrain, and the steroid side-effect of prickly sensations in the bottom.