The Cancer Cloud Kits

Helping children affected by a parent being diagnosed with cancer

The Cancer Clouds are a group of toolkits created for children, or young people, who are affected by their parents being diagnosed with cancer.

There are three different kits designed for three different age ranges

Each kit contains an age-appropriate set of tools designed to help children or young people to understand what cancer is, the treatments given, and the side-effects they may cause.

There are also tools to help improve communication within the family, practical tools to help manage changes in the family’s routine, and tools that explore the emotional impact a cancer diagnosis brings.

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If you have more than one child and would either like a combination of the kits or multiple copies of a specific tool within a kit then just let us know. We will try our best to accommodate your family’s needs.

Prices 2018:

The Cancer Cloud Kit £30
The Tiger Cloud Kit £45
The Hedgehog Cloud Kit  £40
Mini Cloud Kits £10-15

Postage and Packaging = £3.99 per box (£1.99 for Mini Cloud Kits).

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