Just a reminder: Sometimes adults find it easier to listen, watch, and read resources designed for children. It is easier to digest without big words getting in the way.


As Big As It Gets: Supporting a child when a parent is seriously ill

by Julie Stokes
Brilliant book that outlines how children respond and feel when a parent is sick.


Talking to Kids about cancer

by Cancer Council Australia
Really great digestible bits of information and support delivered in an easy way.

Talking to your children and teenagers when an adult has cancer

by Macmillan Cancer Support charity
Great resource, lots of information and advice.

Reaching out to your children when cancer comes to your family: A guide for parents

by BC Cancer Agency
Another big guide covering all topics parents will want advice and support on.

Telling your child you have cancer

by Fruit Fly Collective
Suggestions of ways to start the conversations with children and how important it is. To help prepare it includes a glossary of age appropriate terms and common questions children ask about cancer.

What do I tell the kids?

by Cancer Support Community in America
Frankly Speaking About Cancer® guide. Easy to read and covers a lot of topics.

Talking with your children about breast cancer

by Breast Cancer Care charity
Supporting families affected by breast cancer. Lots of great advice that can be used by any family regardless of cancer type.

Talking to your children about cancer

by Orchid charity
Supporting families affected by male cancers

Breast cancer and your child’s school

by Breast Cancer Care charity
This booklet gives ideas on how to communicate with a child’s school about their parent’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Activities to help children cope when a family member has cancer

Only text so rather difficult to digest but it contains a lot of ideas to use at home.


Telling your children you have cancer

by Fruit Fly Collective
This animation accompanies the comic that can be downloaded above


A series of videos by Trekstock about parenting after being diagnosed with cancer.


The Osborne Trust

Offers free emotional and practical support for children of a parent with a cancer diagnosis and undergoing cancer treatment. Help if offered freely to children aged 16 years and younger with a parent with any type of cancer all over the UK.


Charity that helps families with young children cope with challenges. Provides group support, day trips, help accessing local services, and volunteers who can offer support in a family’s home.

Hope Support Services

An organisation supporting young people aged 11-25 when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Maggie’s Centres – Kids’ Days and Teen Days

Maggie’s runs Kids’ Days and Teen Days at some of their centres. Also offers one-to-one and family support with a psychologist or Cancer Support Specialist.

Mummy’s Star

A charity dedicated to supporting women and their families affected by cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months after giving birth.

Shine Cancer Support

Shine exists exclusively to support adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have experienced a cancer diagnosis.

American Cancer Society

How do families deal with uncertainty after treatment? Go to site
Helping Children When a Family Member Has Cancer Go to site

Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer Research UK


Cancer Care Map

An online directory that helps people find cancer care and support services in their local area.


You, me and the Big C

Podcast BBC Radio 5 Live series of podcast covering loads of subjects in a light hearted candid way.
Episode 4 ‘About the kids’

Explaining cancer to children by Cancer Council

Great concise guide to start talking to your children about a cancer diagnosis. Listen now

Family dynamics and cancer by Cancer Council

Discussions around changes in family roles and expectations when a person in the family is diagnosed with cancer. Listen now

What do I tell my kids?

Stupid Cancer Show (S19 E403)